Feedback from our Listeners: ‘Between Lies’

“We should be seeing them (Templeton Universe) getting to the top! It would be a crime for them not to – best thing I’ve heard coming out of South Africa since Nelson Mandela!!”

Between Lies - Templeton Universe CD cover

“Loving this album. Thanks for making it!” ~Joshua (Sydney, Australia) (Joshua bought all 5 of our albums after enjoying the latest album!)

“Been doing my dusting to it!” ~Barbara (Barrydale, South Africa)

” Busy listening to it – fabulous!!” ~Antje (Worcester, South Africa)

“Long live the music!” ~Matt (Seychelles)

Here are some recent reviews from our previous album, ‘Headspace‘:

(About song, ‘Exhale’) – This song is like a great novel, suchHeadspace a richly embroidered guitar instrumental, so full, so complex. The musical composition is a perfect translation of the story of the song lyrics. I heard the first chords with your voice and woke up! Listening, I found was so beautiful in the expressions of this song both musically and lyrically. I will be listening to your play list! I thought this started well, also it finished with a beautiful flourish. Very good quality of recording so I give it 5 Stars, even with the sad ending. I was watching the movie First Knight when I first heard your song. It certainly mirrored Lancelot’s feelings. I’m sure there will be some silent tears from some fellow sufferers of a love lost upon hearing your song. Your song unites them in their suffering which when shared is a good thing, because knowing someone else experienced this loss makes them feel less alone.

— Reviewed by Electric Spice SelkieUnited Kingdom, MONMOUTH, WALES

The first thing that crossed my mind on hearing the first few bars and vocal introducing itself was ” Rufus Wainwright”, a vocalist who I hugely admire so that’s a good start! The more i listened I could hear other influences, the way the track has been crafted with some great changes had me thinking of the great Jeff Buckley – however, I have to be clear “Templeton” (unsure if this is a band or a solo artist – I find reviewing blind from the background biog gives a more authentic review) is not trying to be anything other than Templeton and this track is a great song,well written and well produced, beautiful vocal, great instrumentation well crafted. in a nutshell it hits all the right buttons and I cant find a single criticism, apart from the fact i think it could have been a bit longer – more like this and the right promotion and we should be seeing him/them getting to the top! It would be a crime for them not to – best thing Iv’e heard coming out of South Africa since Nelson Mandela!!

If you were to mix Eric Carmen, Roy Orbison and Thom York, (Radiohead) it might sound something like this. Not sure that’s what you were going for, but I’m impressed nonetheless because you’ve captured a Beatlesque/Bowie Music style with the avant-garde slant toward Radiohead. This I like… but to make a true point of interest, let me say that the lead vocalist has incredible potential as a Pop vocalist. The “star quality” is there. Honestly, I would love to collaborate w a singer like this. Great hooks Well done! EG from SlimChance &The Gamblers

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